Nike Life Centre: interactive display for the FIFA Worldcup 2010

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ACM Multimedia 2010 – Shawbak

Full title: Natural Interaction for Cultural Heritage: the archaeological site of Shawbak

Abstract: One of the most interesting issues in the field of cultural heritage is the adoption of multimedia systems for the visualization and organization of information. In this paper we present a natural interaction based system designed to represent multimedia contents related to the archaeological site of Shawbak, situated in the Petra region of Jordan. Contents are composed of texts, images and videos showing and explaining the archeological site areas and the history of the castle. This system was installed at the Limonaia di Palazzo Pitti (Italy) for the archeological exhibition called "From Petra to Shawbak".

Link to ACM portal reference.

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AIS and ONAV Wine tasting application for Android - ALPHA

I started a personal project months ago, aimed at realizing a web and mobile infrastructure for wine tasting notes. During the same period I quit my old job, moved from my old flat in Florence to my wife's in London, found a new flat and a new job, moved again to the new flat, changed computer (the old one being back to the lab where I used to work) and started a couple of new projects, quoted in my previous posts.

I think it's enough to justify that my original project - for which I found what I think a cute name: "Cellarium" - is currently in stand by. Still I think it's a real shame, mainly for two reasons:

  1. there are not official AIS and/or ONAV wine tasting applications for mobiles in the cloud (or at least I didn't found them)
  2. being now in London, I must say that Italian wines are under estimated and are really hard to find (no, I'm not talking about the crap you usually pick up around)

I decided thus to put everything under github, and if a brave volunteer fancies a contribution, can easily download the source code here:

If you are brave enough to read through the rest of the post, you will discover the following:

  • code is completely undocumented, shame on me, but I didn't have the time to do anything else, it's just there and you can use it at your own risk;
  • wines and wine tasting notes are stored in a sqlite database (stored in the mobile device) and I don't even remember its structure, the only way to retrieve how things are done is to take a look at the two inner classes defined inside
  • saving and updating wines work fine, while wine notes still need a lot of coding, both from a data persistence perspective and interface implementation.

The application is intended to help while writing down wine tasting notes for both AIS and ONAV standards, as depicted in the following.

I'd be happy to help/contribute and finish the application, volunteers appreciated. If no one interested in this, I'll probably finish it when I'll retire, using Android v.714.23 on a nuclear-powered-artificial-intelligence-smartphone produced in Mars by Cyberdyne systems.

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