MAC Me Over! interactive campaign

  • Role: Interactive Producer / Project Manager
  • Digital production: The Rumpus Room, London
  • Client: MAC Cosmetics
  • Live date: november 2010
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Multimedia Tools and Applications – LIT

LIT: transcription, annotation, search and visualization tools for the Lexicon of the Italian Television

LIT (Lexicon of the Italian Television) is a project conceived by the Accademia della Crusca, the leading research institution on the Italian language, in collaboration with CLIEO (Center for theoretical and historical Linguistics: Italian, European and Oriental languages), with the aim of studying frequencies of the Italian vocabulary used in television. Approximately 170 hours of random television recordings acquired from the national broadcaster RAI (Italian Radio Television) during the year 2006 have been used to create the corpus of transcriptions. The principal outcome of the project is the design and implementation of an interactive system which combines a web-based video transcription and annotation tool, a full featured search engine, and a web application for data visualization with text-video syncing. Furthermore, the project is currently under deployment as a module of the larger national research funding FIRB 2009 VIVIT (Fondo di Investimento per la Ricerca di Base, Vivi l'Italiano), which will integrate its achievements and results within a semantic web infrastructure.

Springer, Multimedia Tools and Applications

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where are you going, poor little memes?

I'd really appreciate if you could spare 2 minutes for research purposes. I'm working on a project and I'd like to capture a bit of randomness in London greater area, read further details below.

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