Analyzing fashion trends with visual similarity

6 months down the road of development for my 2012 research project with Telecom Italia, codename STAMAT - Social Topics and Media Analysis Tool - and we are now getting to the point of sharing the first encouraging results.

going through several iterations of research & development, STAMAT looks more and more an intelligent feed reader, where information is conveyed with several levels of enrichment: starting from clean text and images as published on RSS feeds, we add a layer of knowledge measuring the buzz and related media.

this way the information is not passively ingested by users, but examined across several measures and connected to other related elements, making thus possible an active and effective acquisition of knowledge.

key technologies involved to achieve this result are mainly: named entity extraction, topic analysis and visual similarity.

our tool is still in private alpha and we are going out in the cold to pitch our product to VCs, in the meanwhile you can check the screenshots posted here and anyone who wants to stay in touch can subscribe to our amazing signup page on and/or take a 5 minutes survey to help us building the next generation trend analysis tool.