Range Rover Evoque Interactive Installation - phases and pictures

So the Range Rover Evoque "Sounds of the City" project went live in Madrid at the beginning of June, and it has been a long and interesting path that eventually lead to a red carpet in Kensington, London.

range rover evoque in kensington - red carpet

I was involved as interactive producer for the installation and microsite, working with the amazing guys at The Rumpus Room for the agency The Brooklyn Brothers. We designed, developed and built all the interaction for the interactive installation and relative microsite, then shipped and attended to the events in Madrid and London with our buddies at Connect Live, who took care of the physical build of the plinth and all the logistic.

Below is the story of the installation development and deliver through a sequence of images.
range rover evoque - building the prototypePlinth prototype, assembling the interactive installation at Connect Live warehouse in Surrey.

interactive plinth - placement of projectorsFinding a solution for a short throw from the projectors inside the plinth.

interactive plinth - computer vision + 360 lens testsTesting the gigE camera with fish-eye lens and NIR filter for motion detection algorithms and 360 lens to record the events (published on the microsite).

range rover evoque - dancing sessionsThe installation working in Madrid, even under full sun light!

lord sugar - hope I won't be fired...The interactive wireframe at Kensington Roof Gardens (Lord Sugar having a conversation in front of it, unaware that he is actually interacting with the installation)

And a gallery of selected images of all the phases of development and delivery.

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