My first interactive banner was the #nikefuture 40m wide display in Johannesburg

After a month, a little bit more probably, of sufferings and efforts, we have press releases, thanks to @WKAmsterdam and their immense work. The first review I am reading is published on Cool Hunting, and it is pretty amazing to see some official pictures of our little preciousss.

Nike Life Center Johannesburg

I was involved in the Nike Life Center as project manager for the digital production, while freelancing with my funky buddies at The Rumpus Room. Our team was:

  1. Joel Baumann, Lead Creative Technologist
  2. Steve Wyles, Executive Producer
  3. Thomas Alisi, Project Manager
  4. Gerard Delmas, Software Developer

From a technical point of view, this huge display is rather simple, still interesting in some specific issues. Animations were developed in Flash using a heavily overrode Flint particle system. Headlines are pulled daily from a moderated feed and animated in 4 steps to create a full resolution portrait, the feed is UTF-8 encoded and the animation fully supports 16 languages. The moderation tool was developed by Deeplocal, Pittsburgh while the massive LED columns were installed by Spectrum, Johannesburg. Both the teams were super sharp and even if we worked with different timeshifts, and tons of emails, almost everything ran like a charme (er... last minute panic is always part of the game).

A super special thank and appreciation goes to Ross Plummer, mighty producer at Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, who has been enviably calm and steady even during the few panic attacks that sometimes could rise here and there across the world. The result is super cool, published tonight through Wieden's official press release.