Flux of MEME wins a research grant at Working Capital Bologna

It was the last of a sequence: the project was briefed, submitted for an elevator pitch, then checked in a couple of meetings, refined, presented again, and at the end it won. The project will be funded by Telecom Italia @workingcapital and was presented during the last Working Capital event in Bologna, June 9th 2010.


Goal of this project is to create a semantic web application capable of predicting the future through the analysis and clustering of concepts.

Memes flow through the social networks and can be paired with their geo-reference information to understand how they move in physical space. Terms used in a single meme describe its semantic domain and images, when present, can enrich their interpretation.


Now the research begins. Part of the semantic engine for term extraction and expansion is already working. From my personal point of view I think that two outcomes will be really important:

Any suggestion and comment greatly appreciated.