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Visualizing Cluster of Tweets in London during the Royal Wedding

So the little storm has arrived! I am now the proud (and tired) father of little Benjamin, and for this reason blocked at home with little or no time for doing anything but changing nappies and cooking super-proteic food for Val. But somehow I found some time amuse myself with a little piece of Processing and wrote a simple code to visualize tweets on a map of London during the Royal Wedding. Easy enough to foresee, tweets during the day are creating nice clusters around Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and the super posh hotel where the Middleton’s used to stay.

Here is the result:

To display this data I reused the information stored during the first phase of my Flux of MEME project, fetched from twitter with the Streaming API implementation in its Java flavour twitter4j. Processing is reading the information in XML directly from the database, hence a little PHP backend is providing the XML descriptor for all the posts locations.

Flux of MEME – 1st year final report

So it is now time to present the results obtained during the first year of research and development on the Flux of Meme project, and I was glad to fly to Milan for the presentation at Telecom Italia last friday 30th. Thanks-a-mil to Laurent-Walter Goix and Carlo Alberto Licciardi at Telecom for the constant support, reviews and recommendations: it immensely helped to achieve this result. And thanks-two-mils to Giuseppe Serra and Marco Bertini (also with the help of Federico Frappi) at the Media Integration and Communication Center for the help provided in the definition and fine-tweaking of algorithms. Looking forward to starting Flux phase 2!

This is a quick keynote that highlights the main elements of this geo-clustering and topic extraction tool, using twitter as a main data source but willing to expand to proper context-based data heterogeneous sources.

Flux of MEME after 6 months: about twitter geo-clustering and topic extraction

It has been quite a while since our first “java -jar fom.jar” and the complexity of the project has constantly grown from the beginning, its tiny team facing every day a new challenge and trying to solve it with the limited amount of available resources. Now it is time to deliver the first prototype, draw a line and define the milestones ahead, but we are reasonably confident that there is room for improvements, and our clustering and topic extraction tool can provide good results. Special thanks go to @fedefrappi who received an email bombarding over the past few months and never lost his temper, great job man!

Twitter data mining and clustering results

It has been a while since my last update on the Flux of MEME project, but my team was not idle: we have worked a lot both on algorithms and architecture, and now it is time to analyse the first results. Thanks to the research grant awarded by @workingcapital, a first prototype of data mining, topic extraction and clustering application was developed, using Twitter as its main data source.
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Flux of MEME wins a research grant at Working Capital Bologna

It was the last of a sequence: the project was briefed, submitted for an elevator pitch, then checked in a couple of meetings, refined, presented again, and at the end it won. The project will be funded by Telecom Italia @workingcapital and was presented during the last Working Capital event in Bologna, June 9th 2010.

Goal of this project is to create a semantic web application capable of predicting the future through the analysis and clustering of concepts.
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