Machine Learning and Cloud Computing for Industrial Manufacturing

Here is a bunch of presentations (other than PyData, which have dedicated posts on this website) I’ve done between 2017 and 2018.

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PyData 2018 London

Back from #PyData2018 London where I gave a talk called “Do tyres dream of electric clouds?” and showed the interesting architecture we put together at Pirelli for Connesso, an IoT solution making predictions on tyre wear status and residual mileage.

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STEM week at Ashmount Primary School

So great to go to Ashmount Primary and give a presentation for STEM week. I had my 6yo boy in the audience and I must confess I had performance anxiety… anyways I think they all had fun, with the presentations below (made with reveal.js and published here).

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Back from PyData 2017 London

Back from #PyData2017 London where I gave a talk called “Show me the failures!”, showing how the Data Science and Analytics team at Pirelli approach the problem of designing and implementing data products at shop floor.

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Back home after PyCon6

Back from #PyCon6 where I gave a talk called “Art & Music VS AppEngine”, where I showed how we implemented some performance enhancement tricks on GAE to make it work smoothly on content intensive projects we developed along with our fellows at Google Creative Lab London. Here the slides for the talk:

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