Configuring NGINX to serve multiple webapps from different directories

Few days ago I had to add a wordpress installation within the same environment where a Codeigniter app was already running happily and undisturbed. It took me a while to figure out how to keep separate folders on the filesystem, and serve the blog from a subfolder of the main domain: it ended up that the solution is super simple, but apparently I am not the only one who had similar problems. Symptoms of a bad installation usually result in “no input file specified” messages or, even worse, downloading the php source code with all your precious database passwords shown in clear.

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Show your best - Interactive campaign

  • Role: Technical director & Interactive producer
  • Digital production: The Rumpus Room, London
  • Agency: Cole & Weber United, Seattle
  • Client: The International Olympic Committee
  • Live date: nov 2011
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Flux of MEME - 1st year final report

So it is now time to present the results obtained during the first year of research and development on the Flux of Meme project, and I was glad to fly to Milan for the presentation at Telecom Italia last friday 30th. Thanks-a-mil to Laurent-Walter Goix and Carlo Alberto Licciardi at Telecom for the constant support, reviews and recommendations: it immensely helped to achieve this result. And thanks-two-mils to Giuseppe Serra and Marco Bertini (also with the help of Federico Frappi) at the Media Integration and Communication Center for the help provided in the definition and fine-tweaking of algorithms. Looking forward to starting Flux phase 2!

This is a quick keynote that highlights the main elements of this geo-clustering and topic extraction tool, using twitter as a main data source but willing to expand to proper context-based data heterogeneous sources.
[slideshare id=9492782&doc=fom110930-110930171037-phpapp02]

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